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Tiny living is a dream for many, but not always practical on the pocketbook. But we believe that if you want to live Tiny, there should be opportunities to make it happen.

As someone already putting legwork into your dream, does this list describe your current level of commitment? We want to talk to you if you fit most or all of these:

  • plan to build your tiny house yourself
  • have $3000 or more already put aside for building
  • plan to purchase a trailer specifically made to build a Tiny House
  • bought a set of architect/engineer approved plans for your house
  • are able to make a payment in the range of $400-500 per month
  • are able/willing to work with a local Lowes or Home Depot for materials

If you fit this detailed description, we want to have a conversation with you about making your Tiny House dreams a reality! Fill in the form below to get started.

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