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We might be DIY Tiny, but that doesn’t mean we expect you to build or live in your Tiny House all alone. After all, we’re a community. And community helps each other out.

Here are some great people and resources to help you on your Tiny House Journey.


Tiny Houses might be less expensive than a conventional home, but they’re still pricey. But if you’re dedicated to making your Tiny Dreams a reality, we want to help. Learn more about Tiny House lending.

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You build it with your own two hands. Friends and family pitched in. It’s finally done. It’s home.

Now’s the time to protect it with insurance from Tiny Home Insurance

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Build Workshops

There’s no expectation that you’ll know everything you need to put together your Tiny House. That’s why we recommend the instruction and knowledge from our friends at TinyHomeBuilders.com.

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Asheville Tiny House Association

We’re not the only one in town doing the Tiny thing. For more on other area-dwellers and activists, check out Asheville Tiny House Association.

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Other Local Folks

Our houses might be small, but the community is larger than you think. And whether you’re in Ashville like us, or halfway across the country, you can find other Tiny House enthusiasts just like you.

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Other Area Parking Options

We’re not the only place in town to park a Tiny House. If you want more options, check out there’s a lovely community being built right here at The Meadows in Asheville, North Carolina.

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