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So you build a Tiny House. It’s perfect. It’s efficient. It’s probably legal. What?

Regrettably, yes. Stick that Tiny House on a foundation and the local building code officer may come slap a notice to your door. For some folks, the work-around is to put your Tiny House on wheels and classify it as an RV. But now that it’s on wheels, where do you park it?

What decisions do I need to make?

If your Tiny House is on wheels, yes, you need a parking space. As you look for where to park it, here are some things you’ll need to consider:

  • Yes, a parking spot is essential! Unless you can build a hovercraft…
  • Is it large enough? The area has to accommodate your trailer from tongue to tail, and it’s width. Walking space around your Tiny House is good too.
  • Also, will you have to pull your Tiny House in? Or back it in? The space might be great, but if you can’t get your house in, forget it.
  • Is it flat and stable? You’ll level your Tiny House with leveling jacks. Soft places like sand and sod can cause a Tiny House to sink. Blacktop might not give your jacks enough purchase. Crushed gravel makes an excellent base for a Tiny House on Wheels.
  • Access to Utilities? Things to think for include power hookups, gray and blackwater disposal, incoming water systems, internet connections, etc.

What are my options?

In addition to the foundation space, there are still local laws to consider. Some municipalities do not allow long-term living in an RV, even on private property. In others, the neighbors might not like it. Here are some options to explore:

  • Hiding
  • Renting/borrowing someone else’s backyard
  • Moving your Tiny House every few months
  • Moving to a Tiny House community
  • Renting Parking Space from DIY Tiny.

Knowing how you plan to living in your Tiny House can help with these decisions. Do you intend to travel, taking your house with you? You’ll want short-term parking options. Hoping to live somewhere permanently and legally? A long-term solution is best for you.

Thankfully, that’s where DIY Tiny can help. We have parking options for both short-term and long-term parking needs. And they’re probably 100% legal.

Give us a call today @ 704-650-0130 to discuss your parking needs.

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