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Snow on the Solar

Even a little bit of shadow on a solar panel significantly degrades its ability to produce potential. Snow is no exception. I decided to capture a quick picture of the snow that built up overnight on the panels before removing the snow to get a little production today. I like the slow slide that must have started this morning as the temperature got above freezing.

Greening of Architecture

Dr. Larry Ligo’s class visited last week. They asked great questions sparking a conversation about equity in housing as well as the mechanics of tiny houses. We had to do a penguin line up to the house due to the frozen over driveway. Melting, but not gone.

When Progress is Paused

I really, really want to be working on the tiny house.  It is sitting, backed into the driveway, ready for the final TLC. Hang the sink, tile the bathroom, ceiling finish, wall finish, floor, and rebuild the stairs. I’m that close. But I have tonsillitis.

In June the alight was in the tunnel. I could see the final 3-4 week push to get it done. So, I left to go dance/work at Pinewoods for 7 weeks. OK, 6 weeks at camp plus a lot of travel. I’d be back in the early part of September with only one *short* two week trip with the house it was a no-brainer that I’d be done with the house by the end of the year.

And then 800 people came through the house in Boston on a Saturday in late September. My tonsils swelled like grapefruit on Tuesday night. Night sweats. Chills while wearing three layers in the heated cab of the truck. No worried, a Doc-In-A-Box got me a round of antibiotics and I felt better (as promised) in 24 hours. Then YDW (Youth Dance Weekend) wonderment (only weak spot was the weak voice). But 24 hours after I stopped taking the antibiotics the bugger came back.

My GP back home gave me two shots in the rear (another antibiotic and some prednisone) and sent me home with another week of antibiotics (third one). And all was good. Tuesday I finished the magic pink pills that kept the crud a bay and I was excited on Friday as I headed to LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival). And Friday night my tonsils, now the size of Kansas, returned. A call to my GP’s nursing service said this could not wait till Monday. So off to another Doc-In-A-Box for me. But wait! I’m at LEAF and the first aid tent is staffed with docs.

The first aid building was hopping with bee stings and some minor scrapes. A quick look by another GP in my throat and a quick history resulted in a called in Rx to the local CVS. Almost too easy. And it saved me $10 and my insurance company who knows how much money. Really, I wish I did know how much money but with health care’s inherent lack of transparency and inefficiently there really is no clear way to know right now how much it costs. Almost as bad as determining how much Apple with pay for a warranty repair labor reimbursement. Tables. Charts and Graphs. I really wish everyone loved them as much as I do.

On a 4th antibiotic I survived LEAF primarily by playing games with Jennifer, Rob, and crew. Some of which were played at the top of line 2 in the Brookside contra dance hall. It was a good decision as it resulted in pleased but puzzled looks from the dancers and a couple cuddle puddles. Really, that is what you need when  you don’t feel good (and are sick with not easily communicable decease).

The real trick has been sitting still long enough to get better. On Wednesday after LEAF I visited my GP and then an ENT. My father is particularly impressed that I got same day appointments with bot doctors. ObamaCare has been great. I hope everyone is willing to be covered now. It is so much better than worrying about the state ending my plan and then being left un-insurable. Long story short, I’m getting my tonsils out either in mid November or in late January. And I’m sitting on my ass trying to get better. 9 hours on the phone working on Friday may have even been too much per my doctor’s instructions, but I’ve got to be doing something.

Not for what I really want to be doing. Working on the house. I’m debating using cedar or white painted spruce on the lower walls. The big question is brightness  Is the cedar too dark for use in the lower level? I think it might be. SO, I’ll use a wide cedar board as a base board and then use T&G painted white above up to the walnut shelf. Cedar above the walnut shelf and the walnut ceiling. So you will walk into a bright box with a warm, dark ceiling. Home, I hope.

Always take a spare

Sitting, unexpectedly, in Harrisburg, PA, I’m wondering about my decisions to carry (or not to carry as it turns out) a spare tire for the trailer. About 12:15 this morning (aka DARK) my right rear trailer tire blew. And I mean BOOM. I heard a pop, felt a lurch, and wobble, workable, wobble as I brought the trailer safely to a halt. Took a quick look and , sure enough, it was on the side where the Maine road construction had warn down the outside tire wall with pavement edge. See my other note about how much I love Maine DOT.

Turns out that AAA has different membership levels! I’ve always benefited from my father’s annual present of AAA membership at Christmas … but it doesn’t cover trailers. There is a membership level that covers RV trailers. Have to look into that when I get back. SO, I’m on my own. Rim is probably bent, so limp 2 miles to get it off the interstate. Dewater the dog and go to bed.

Morning! Goodyear commercial tire 2 miles south has what I need. Sweet! But where is the trick’s tire iron? Result — 5 mile trip to get $16 tire iron. No biggie. Now waiting at Goodyear for the wheel and tire. $135 isn’t terrible for a good trailer tire, but I’ll take two please to go ahead and deal with the second warn tire before I drive another 500 miles.

PS: I appear to be in horsey country. 5 folks came up this morning and asked about the house. All horsey people. 1 Motorcycle couple.



Finally have a little bit of down time to start this blog. SO many people has asked me and I have little to respond with other than, “I’m not a blogger.” But I do like to share ideas  So, here is today’s idea. Make yourself step away from whatever is in front of you. Then make up your mind what action you will take. Plan then act. Except when planning will keep you from acting. I’m a consultant, of course I prefer action to inaction.

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