Always take a spare

Sitting, unexpectedly, in Harrisburg, PA, I’m wondering about my decisions to carry (or not to carry as it turns out) a spare tire for the trailer. About 12:15 this morning (aka DARK) my right rear trailer tire blew. And I mean BOOM. I heard a pop, felt a lurch, and wobble, workable, wobble as I brought the trailer safely to a halt. Took a quick look and , sure enough, it was on the side where the Maine road construction had warn down the outside tire wall with pavement edge. See my other note about how much I love Maine DOT.

Turns out that AAA has different membership levels! I’ve always benefited from my father’s annual present of AAA membership at Christmas … but it doesn’t cover trailers. There is a membership level that covers RV trailers. Have to look into that when I get back. SO, I’m on my own. Rim is probably bent, so limp 2 miles to get it off the interstate. Dewater the dog and go to bed.

Morning! Goodyear commercial tire 2 miles south has what I need. Sweet! But where is the trick’s tire iron? Result — 5 mile trip to get $16 tire iron. No biggie. Now waiting at Goodyear for the wheel and tire. $135 isn’t terrible for a good trailer tire, but I’ll take two please to go ahead and deal with the second warn tire before I drive another 500 miles.

PS: I appear to be in horsey country. 5 folks came up this morning and asked about the house. All horsey people. 1 Motorcycle couple.


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