10 Gift Ideas for the Tiny House Dweller or Builder in Your Life

It’s the holiday season, but how do you help that Tiny House dweller or builder in your life, the one who’s constantly getting rid of stuff so they can move into the house of their dreams? You don’t want to add to their headaches with more stuff.

Even with the challenges, there are ways to express your love through gifts. Here’s a few ideas we put together to help you out:

One: A gift in their name to a nonprofit.

This one is pretty popular, especially when someone already seems to have everything they could need or want. You gift the gift in their name and they receive the recognition. It’s a great way to honor someone and support a good cause. Many of your favorite nonprofits have the option for giving like this.

Two: Gift card for downloadable music.

Just because a Tiny House is a small living space doesn’t mean there will be no music. However, CDs and records take up space. Give the gift of downloadable music that can be stored on a small hard drive or phone. Or better yet, give the gift of a streaming service.

Three: Tickets to a music concert or play.

Everyone loves the joy of an experience, especially when it’s something that they’ll often skip splurging on themselves. Who’s their favorite band, musical act or Broadway show? Give the gift of a show they’ll never forget.

Four: Membership to a museum or botanical garden.

This one is in a similar category as Idea Three, except instead of a single experience, this gift can give all year long. A Tiny House is obviously, a tiny place to live. Give the joy of being able to enjoy art, science or plants, all while getting out of the small living space for a while.

Five: A National Parks Pass.

Many folks pursue the Tiny Life in an effort to free up more resources to travel and explore the world. A National Parks Pass will get them into all 58 National Parks in the United States. It’s a gift that satisfies the explorer in all of us.

Six: A book on Tiny House building and design.

There are many books about Tiny House construction and design. There are some that are purely design inspiration. Gift your Tiny House builder the knowledge to build their Tiny House. And get bonus points if it’s a eBook. It won’t take up space on their limited shelves!

Seven: Home Depot or Lowes gifts cards.

A Tiny House builder will never have quite enough money to build their Tiny House. And for those who are already living Tiny, there’s always maintenance and home repairs. A Home Depot or Lowes gift card will be a gift the Tiny House person in your life will love.

Eight: A DIY Tiny Solar Consultation:

Is your Tiny House builder keen on living off-grid and reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible? Gift them the gift of solar! Our Solar Consultation will give them everything they need to know to pursue powering their Tiny House with the sun.

Nine: Tiny House Construction Video Lessons.

Does your Tiny House builder not know where to start in their construction process? Someone else teaching you can go a long way to build the confidence to start a Tiny House construction build. And if you provide access to the lessons, your gift will enable them to follow their dreams.

Ten: DIY Tiny Three-Month Build Consultation!

What’s better than lessons, especially for the builder who already started? A DIY Tiny Three-Month Build Consultation. For three months, your Tiny House builder will have access to all our knowledge to help them out with their build. From figuring out systems, designing the build process, to figuring out solutions to the hundreds of question that come up in a build, we can be there to help. Learn more here: Expert Build Advice.

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