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DIYtiny is going public!

Have you been fascinated with downsizing your home but didn’t know where to begin? Perhaps you dream of a way to live in a tiny home without going the journey alone? No matter where you are in the process of small-scale living, DIYtiny is offering the option to invest in your future. Only currently available for NC residents, we are using the NC PACES (Crowdfunding) Act exemption to sell stock in the DIYtiny company.

Building your own house requires knowledge, tools, and space for development. With a minimum investment of $1000, participants are supporting the growth of community, home ownership, and a scalable methodology that fosters active participation and participant engagement. Expanded details and further explanation can be found by reading the Disclosure Documentavailable for download on this page.

Have something to share on this topic? We encourage you to begin a forum discussion below to activate ideas and/or concerns.  The intention of this forum is to allow potential investors the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered publicly, this is a beginning to the community we want to foster.

Want to talk to Drew directly?  Click here to schedule a time to talk to Drew.

Want to visit the current DIY tiny campground?  Take a look here for open house dates.

To be included in the offering, first read the important documents at the bottom of this page.  Then ask questions on the forum.  Finally, take a moment to complete the Interested in Investing electronic form on the right-hand side of this page. We will be in touch with you shortly and look forward to building community, one tiny home at a time!

Please Note:
  • You may loose your investment.
  • No entity has reviewed this offering.
  • You might have to keep these securities indefinitely.
  • You might not receive any cash and have to pay taxes on this investment.

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Interested in Investing?

Complete the form below to express an interest in making an investment with DIY Tiny. Our team will follow up with you shortly.

Important Terms and Details

a. I am investing in a high-risk, speculative business venture. I may lose all of my investment, and I can afford the loss of my investment.

b. This offering has not been reviewed or approved by any state or federal securities commission or other regulatory authority and that no such person or authority has confirmed the accuracy or determined the adequacy of any disclosure made to me relating to this offering.

c. The securities I am acquiring in this offering are illiquid, that there is no ready market for the sale of such securities, that it may be difficult or impossible for me to sell or otherwise dispose of this investment, and that, accordingly, I may be required to hold this investment indefinitely.

d. I may be subject to tax on my share of the taxable income and losses of the company, whether or not I have sold or otherwise disposed of my investment or received any dividends or other distributions from the company

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Please note: You must be a resident of North Carolina to invest in DIY Tiny. If you do not have a NC driver’s license, we will send a list of other acceptable forms of residency documentation.

I am not an accredited investor, or do not wish to attest to accreditationI am an accredited investor (if you don’t know what this is, assume you are not)

By signing and dating this form you agree that you have read, understand and have access to the Disclosure Document, Escrow Document, and Bylaws.

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