The world of Tiny Houses is exploding, and we need more people who understand the basics of Tiny House construction, community, and ethos. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to intern with us at DIY Tiny. Come get your hands dirty and build the world of the future!

Whether you’re a college student, or just somebody interested in learning more about Tiny House construction, we’ve got a spot for you.

At our internships, you’ll gain hands-on construction experience as you help others build their Tiny Houses. You’ll have the opportunity to meet great people and expand your horizons. Your experience at DIY Tiny will not only make a difference in your life, but you’ll make an impact on those you interact with.

We are looking for people who enjoy:

  • Hands-on entrepreneurship
  • Building, design and construction
  • Making mistakes and fixing mistakes
  • Flexibility and then focusing on the task at hand

Skills You’ll Learn During Your Internship:

  • Construction workflow design and management
  • Techniques for successfully building a Tiny House on a trailer
  • 120 volt vs 240 volt power considerations and planning
  • Insulation and construction material selection and best use

As an Intern, you commit to being with us for six weeks. While with us, you’ll have a few responsibilities to take care of. You’ll work 20 hours a week, and your duties will include:

  • Working on Tiny Houses
  • Buying materials for construction
  • Writing about your experiences for the DIY Tiny blog
  • Clearly communicating needs and expectations
  • Gardening
  • Daydreaming about possibilities
  • Cooking for yourself and the group

In exchange, DIY Tiny will provide:

  • $100 per week stipend
  • Use of tools during free time for your own personal projects
  • A flexible schedule if you need an additional summer job
  • Basic shared room at DIY Tiny
  • Food provided (kitchen work expected as listed above)

At DIY Tiny, we believe that community is the best way to achieve success. We work together, build together, dream together. If this sounds like something for you, download the application form and fill it in now!

We’re expecting to see you soon.

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