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A lot of folks jump into their first Tiny House, brimming with enthusiasm, but lacking experience about building houses. Beginning their build, decisions are made that affect the rest of the functionality and form of the house. Sometimes, those decisions are great. Sometimes…well, things work. For some folks, it’s not so bad. For others, the mistakes in the first house trigger the building of a new and improved, second Tiny House.

Trust me. I would l know.

I wasn’t even completely finished with my first house when I decided I would build a second Tiny House. When I built my first Tiny House, having somebody to answer questions was critical–but not available to me. Sure there were books and videos. But no one I could easily talk to and answer my questions. So I solved my construction puzzles as I went along, making mistakes, discoveries, and solutions. And some of those have prompted the building of my second Tiny House.

Don’t experience all of same headaches I did. Especially when you don’t have to.

Let me help you with the advice and experience I wish I had when I built my Tiny house. Whether you’re looking for the answers to how to think about solar power, or want to have access to counsel and advice during your build, I’m here to help. I want your first Tiny House to be a success. Invest in your Tiny House future today and avoid spending more building a second Tiny House to fix your mistakes!

Solar Consultation


Solar is a perfect, mobile, Tiny House power solution. But most folks don’t know where to begin to answer questions like, “How much wattage do you use?” “How many solar panels do you need?” or “What kind of batteries do you need?” Skip the confusion, and get some answers about solar solutions for Tiny Houses.

For $175, you’ll get two, 2-hour conversations all about solar power. That’s a total of 4 hours talking just about solar power! In the first, we’ll go over the basics of solar power, discuss your power needs, and put together an idea of what parts you’ll need to power your Tiny House. In the second, we’ll finalize the hardware list, and talk through your questions about assembly and installation.  

Don’t waste another moment wondering how to figure out your solar needs. I’m here to help you!

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Three-Month Build Consultation


This is the critical piece I wish I had when I built my first Tiny House!

Building any Tiny House is a process. And you’ll have questions along the way. It’s impossible to answer all your questions at the beginning of your build–and before you know them! So why not have somebody available as you go along?

For $375, you’ll get three months of weekly 1-hour conversations with me. We’ll discuss the questions you must answer as you build and help you discover the best project management workflow to help you ensure a speedy build. Each week, we’ll discuss where you’re at in your build, help you uncover what you need to solve problems, and help you think through what you’ll need in the future.

Skip paying $25,000 for a second Tiny House. Order your Three-Month Build Consultation today!

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