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Welcome To DIY Tiny!

Good news everyone! Never before in NC has this been done – oh how I love firsts. I’m using the NC PACES (Crowdfunding) Act Local Public Offering (LPO) exemption to sell stock in the company I’m running, DIYtiny. We specialize in providing space where THOWs (Tiny Houses On Wheels) can be parked legally around Asheville, NC.

We’re expanding and we want you to come with us. If you are a NC resident, join us by owning a part of DIYtiny. With small living in mind, and in the DIY fashion, DIYtiny is creating an opportunity for community to collect and share the resources, skills, and juicy ideas that allow the community to flourish. Come, be in on the ground floor of a budding DIY community concept and open the door to resources unlike any other – direct and hands-on skills supplied by a community of tiny home builders and creatives.

TOGETHER tiny: A Workshop for Community!

EVENT DATE: September 22, 2018

DIY tiny is hosting a workshop on designing and dreaming of the perfect Tiny House community! If you ever thought, “If I lived with tiny house neighbors, what would that look like?” this workshop is for you.

This workshop is designed to generate discussions so we can create an ideal Tiny House community. Come explore existing Tiny Houses and the community here at DIY tiny. Join in our conversations about what kind of community you’d love to live, what makes you feel at home, and what it might take to get there. And stay with us into the evening as we enjoy dinner together.   

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Visit + Stay

What’s life like in a Tiny House? Want a place to stay while you learn more about Tiny living from real-life Tiny House dwellers?

Come and stay with us at DIY Tiny! We’ve got two AirBnB rooms for you to stay in! Choose from either a single room in the Big House, or spend your time inside an actual Tiny House! Get a taste of Tiny Living and discover what’s in the journey for you.

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Solar Consultation

Solar is a perfect, mobile, Tiny House power solution. But most folks don’t know where to begin to answer questions like, “How much wattage do you use?” “How many solar panels do you need?” or “What kind of batteries do you need?” With so many questions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Skip the confusion, and get some answers about solar solutions for Tiny Houses with my consultation today.

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Building Mentors

Building any Tiny House is a process. And you’ll have questions along the way. It’s impossible to answer all your questions at the beginning of your build–and before you know them! So why not have somebody available as you go along?

Get three months of weekly 1-hour conversations with me. We’ll discuss the questions you must answer as you build and help you discover the best project management workflow to help you ensure a speedy build!

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The new neighbors are very productive. Thanks Brett for the amazing paint job! #diytiny

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